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10 Startups to checkout in 2023

“Chase the vision, not the money, the money will end up following you.” –Tony Hsieh, Zappos CEO

Every year new startups come into play and help make your life a little easier. They either tend to solve a new problem or improve an existing one. Below are 10 interesting startups that are doing well while doing what they love to do.


Founded in: 2015
Location: San Francisco, California, United States
Funding: $54.1M

Printify is a complete on-demand printing service that can help business owners create their own creative e-commerce sites with the convenience of shipping. Unlike traditional clothing and print shops, Print only prints products when they are sold, they handle the fulfillment at their end, so you don’t have to. With a company like Printify, you can get everything from basic clothing to non-fashion products

Free Version Available
Premium – $29/month
Enterprise – Contact Sales

Founded in: 2012
Location:  New York, New York, United States
Funding: $106.3M

Bubble fills this gap by creating a platform that allows people without their own legal coding skills. Bubble is a code-free visual programming platform designed to help you build code-free software and applications. It specializes in responsive web and mobile applications with powerful databases and complex operations. This is in contrast to other no-code platforms, such as Webflow, which focus on front-end design for static websites. The bubble is open, so there is no limit to creating a specific type of product – in the same way that traditional programming languages ​​have no specific limit to what can be done. This means that you don’t have to follow strict rules when building your app. 

Free version available
Personal – $25/month
Professional – $125/month
Production – $475/month
Custom – Contact Sales

Founded in
: 2014
Location: Stockholm, Stockholms Lan, Sweden
Funding: $133.8M

Data plays an important role in providing information that helps customers. As data grows, so does the pool of potential knowledge. Does bigger mean better understanding? No! Data without context is meaningless – even misleading. Funnel takes all your data and puts it where you need it. With Funnel, you know what drives profits, make quick and secure decisions and improve your business. Powered by Funnel, get your data every time, business ready! But what’s really amazing is what happens between the data collected and the information translated. Funnel organizes and processes data in real time to reveal real insights. This allows customers to act quickly, bringing out the true power of marketing. Technical teams can focus on high-value activities, while analysts can focus on more important issues. And the icing on the cake, the clients are free from the hard work! Funnels are as easy as they are hard to use.

No Free Version
Essentials – $399/month
Plus – $999/month

Enterprise – $1999/month

Founded in: 2016
Location:  San Francisco, California, United States
Funding: $200M provides an artificial intelligence-based platform to analyze salespeople. The platform allows organizations to collect data from proprietary data sources, email and social graphs and use machine learning algorithms to process performance metrics derived from that data., formerly ClosePlan, is an AI-powered business intelligence platform that uncovers the path to a successful business. It identifies the right people on each account – and how and when to engage with them – and guides teams to create an efficient pipeline and close complex deals faster. With a trusted sales team in companies across all industries, it empowers salespeople to put the right people on the right accounts at the center of every transaction. empowers business leaders to understand business operations, improve efficiency, and use AI technology to drive revenue. It creates simple, accessible and human behavior from infinite data. It brings together analytics, human intelligence, marketing automation, and productivity tools into a single platform that can transform how organizations interact with customers. Using AI technology, transforms business functions such as email, meetings, and contacts into account and access management solutions that increase business productivity, increase revenue, and maximizes marketing ROI.

Free version available
Starter – $50/user/month


Founded in: 2016
Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Funding: $165.7M

Linktree provides a great way to publish all the links you want to share with your audience. It is a link and bio solution that can be used on social platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, Twitch, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. You should use Linktree to make your service, brand, or business easier to discover. Linktree creates user-friendly landing pages that support multiple links. You then add that link to that landing page in your Instagram bio to drive traffic to your site. Linktree’s plans are divided into two levels – the free level and the paid “pro” level.

Free Version available
Started – $5/month
Pro – $9/month
Premium – $24/month


Founded in: 2016
Location: San Diego, California, United States
Funding: $500K

Manscaping, or male grooming, is a trend that has been popular since 2016. Founder and CEO Paul Tran saw this trend as an opportunity to offer products specifically for hair remova and started Manscaped. Using the word manscaping, which is a long-standing neologism, as the basis of its brand image, Manscaping has engaged in a shocking phenomenon that addresses the male chastity scandal. In addition to using pun-based humor and paid celebrity appearances, Manscaping has also built its reputation on referencing negative topics.

Different products have different pricing
Home Delivered


Founded in: 2012
Location: Brookline, Massachusetts, United States
Funding: $100.1M

Preply connects language students with private tutors for private tutoring. Language learning takes place online in virtual classrooms. All you need is a computer, WiFi, and a little courage. Preply is an online platform that connects students with independent teachers through video chat. Preply started as a platform for teachers to help students prepare for the SAT. In recent years, it has started offering lessons in nearly 50 languages, as well as subjects such as hobbies and arts. It has an algorithm that uses machine learning to rate and recommend its teachers to its students based on their needs. Preply is for speaking practice, conversations with native speakers, language lessons, and more. 

Different tutors price differently per hour based on subject and experience.


Founded in: 2012
Location: Lehi, Utah, United States
Funding: $14.1M

Jolt is a development company that provides cloud-based software for managing business operations. The software includes modules such as task functions, checklists for managing scheduled tasks, date entry, task scheduling, forms and analysis, information storage with task-based access, clocks with face detection, etc. Jolt software can be subscribed to via a monthly payment plan or purchased outright. Trusted by thousands of food service companies around the world, Jolt has helped more than 300,000 employees complete more than 700 million jobs.

No Free version
No Free Trial
Pricing on request

Founded in: 2017
Location:  Palo Alto, California, United States
Funding: Bootstrap

Clockify is a cloud-based time-tracking system that can be used by consultants, freelancers, businesses of all sizes, remote workers, universities, NGOs and corporations. It has a free version with unlimited features and an easy-to-use solution. With time tracking software, it’s easy to keep track of your employees, their billable hours, and their time sheets. You can also effectively manage project progress and schedules, reports and much more. As for closing, you can use a timer to track your time or manually enter just your hours. Then you can assign these records to relevant clients and services. Reports at various times (weekly, monthly, and yearly) are also easy to create, giving you the information you need to make data-driven decisions and insightful insights.


Founded in: 2018
Location: Omaha, Nebraska, United States
Funding: $21.8M

A data-driven platform designed to collaborate to create a great customer experience. Pinata’s platform enables direct access to data on local, regional and national marketing activities, allowing the company to match local employers with skills to represent the brand. Pinata focuses on NFT media. It helps creators monetize their creativity.

Free version available
Picnic – $20/month
Fiesta – $100/month
Carnival – $1000/month