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10 Agriculture Startups in India 2023

India has the second-largest agricultural land in the world. About 60% of rural Indian households rely on agriculture to make a living. The Indian government is determined to double agriculturist income by 2022, which is why we’ve assembled a list of top Indian agriculture startups that are doing well right now.

A number of issues face Indian farmers, such as outdated equipment and insufficient infrastructure. There are also close to a million smallholders who can’t sell their crops at all because they don’t have the capital or the distribution channels required.

Along with technological improvements and increased startup culture, many new companies have emerged to solve these problems and help farmers get more out of their land. The agricultural startups in India are helping farmers get the information, tools, and efficiencies they need to succeed.

Let’s look at some of the agritech startups in India.


Founded In – 2015
Headquarters – Bangalore
Total Funding Received – $367.1 million
Ninjacart is one of the leading Bangalore-based agriculture supply chain companies in India. Founded by Thirukumaran Nagarajan in 2015, it currently helps more than 2,000 farmers sell over 80 vegetables and fruits every day to more than 800 retailers and restaurants in Bengaluru. They also boast a waste reduction rate of 4%. As of 2021, Ninjacart has raised a total funding of around $194.2 Million. Among its recent investors are Flipkart and Walmart, who invested $30 Million in the startup last year. With the current equipment and resources it has at its disposal, Ninjacart is capable of moving 1400 tons of perishable items from farms to businesses every day – in less than 12 hours.


Founded In – 2015
Headquarters – Bangalore
Total Funding Received – $404 million
Waycool is an Indian agricultural startup that works to improve the disorganized perishable supply chain. With a network of 35,000 farmers and retail stores in Chennai, SunnyBee, and private label products through partnerships with sister companies, Waycool is a large player in the food industry.


Founded In – 2019
Headquarters – Gurugram
Total Funding Received – $33.9 million
Bijak is an agricultural commodities exchange that helps connect buyers and sellers. It also acts as a bookkeeping app, helping you keep all transactions and related documents on your phone. Bijak provides quick loan disbursements and immediate payments to suppliers, with real-time, hassle-free payments. It is active in 27 cities and union territories and covers more than 100 agricultural commodities on its platform.


Founder – Krishna Kumar
Founded In – 2010
Headquarters – Bengaluru
Total Funding Received – $32.6 million
Cropin provides Agritech solutions that help farmers better manage their farms through the use of intelligent technology. They work with different players in the agricultural supply chain to keep farmers’ produce data up-to-date and relevant, as well as provide a farm management software for use on smartphones. This helps farmers make more informed decisions about their crops and production, as well as improving finances, operational efficiency, and agronomy metrics.


Founded In – 2012
Headquarters – Patna
Total Funding Received – $27.5 million
Ergos is one of the best agritech companies in India that specializes in storing food grains. Indian farmers who lack storage space often experience grain loss in quantity and poor quality, which then results in them being forced to sell their produce at a lower price. Ergos helps these farmers store their grains with its Grain Bank and provides loans, supply chain management, and networking with banking institutions to help them manage their finances. Farmers are able to withdraw any amount of their stored grains whenever they please.


Founded In – 2017
Headquarters – Pune
Total Funding Received – $21 million
With BharatAgri, farmers are provided with personalized guidance and expertise on the crops they want to plant. This includes advice on pesticides and other agricultural methods, as well as critical weather and soil analysis. Additionally, the service provides support in real-time through offline and online technology, including In-App chat support, Interactive voice response (IVR), and WhatsApp. Co-founders Sai Gole and Siddharth Dialani quit their high-paying jobs in order to dedicate themselves entirely to this cause and have seen great success so far.

Intello Labs

Founded In – 2016
Headquarters – Gurgaon
Total Funding Received – $16.5 million
Intello Labs uses computer vision and AI to provide quality assurance for food commodities. By helping businesses like growers, traders, retailers, food service companies, and exporters, Intello Labs can improve customer satisfaction and cut down on losses. Intello Labs is growing in India while also pursuing global markets. Some of Intello Labs’ major clients include Reliance Fresh, Dole, Ocean Spray, and many of the leading e-commerce companies in China and Southeast Asia.


Founded In – 2018
Headquarters – Bangalore
Total Funding Received – $9.9 million
FASAL is a Bengaluru-based agritech platform founded by Ananda Verma and Shailendra Tiwari in 2018 which is developed by Wolkus Technology Solutions and is an AI-powered platform for the agricultural ecosystem.

It records a variety of growing conditions on the farm and then uses artificial intelligence and data science to make on-farm predictions, before delivering the insights anywhere on any device including Android, iOS, tablets, and the web.

Bombay Hemp Company

Founded In – 2013
Headquarters – Mumbai
Total Funding Received – $5.9 million
BOHECO – Bombay Hemp Company – is a social enterprise founded in 2013 that researches and promotes the use of industrial hemp in India. Their operations range from cultivating, harvesting, processing, and manufacturing hemp products. Through public-private partnerships, contractual farming and processing, Boheco seeks to create a robust industrial hemp ecosystem in India. In doing so, they aim to provide sustainable living solutions for both the people of India and future generations. BOHECO is an agro-based startup that strives to provide innovative solutions using industrial hemp as its lens.


Founded In – 2014
Headquarters – Bangalore
Total Funding Received – $5.5 million
IIT Madras’ Vivek founded Aibono, which provides farm-related technology, advice, and gadgets to agriculture-focused farmers. Aibono began in the niche of providing Farm Management-as-a-Service, whereby a farmer outsources his measurement, production management and decision-making processes to a Service.


India is becoming the largest market in the world. And with these new startups coming up they are looking at a good investment and solutions for the Indian Agricultural industry.