Why every business should have a website?

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Today 80% of consumer decisions are made online. And 67% of sales of products and goods are directly or indirectly done online. From Logistics to Payments, everything has moved to the world wide web. Expecting people to still drive around to find your office or store is really optimistic.

If anyone had any doubts, if online shopping is here to stay or not, COVID made clear the future of it. This also created a new era for small businesses. Every business, big or small, needs to have an online presence to gain recognition and trust, and stay in the mind of the audience. A website can help you with this, so having a website should be a priority for you to deal with situations like lockouts in the future.

1.) Make you look professional & Credible

In today’s world, we live in virtual credits. That means how we present ourselves to the world. Having a website that looks provides all the necessary information to your customers is one way to set yourself apart. Without a website, people may doubt the legitimacy of your business. Having a website allows you to make a good first impression and reassure customers that you are a legitimate business. Having a good professional website ensures that your customers will give a chance over your competitors.

2.) Branding (Asset)

Think of websites like virtual real estate. You are adding value to it with the addition of each product and service. With time your website will represent your company as a Brand. Customers can buy from you if you know who you are, what you stand for, and what you stand for. Plus, it can help you stand out from the crowd. It can be difficult to do this without a website, as people will struggle to find reliable, high-quality information about your business.

3) Visibility

As mentioned people, today do not leave the house without knowing which shops they are going to visit for which item or service. They want a clear idea if they can find the thing they are looking for in your place. And the most common way to do so is through Google search. If you have a website with good SEO, you can make your visible to a number of new potential customers, which previously didn’t know you existed. You can also sell your products and services to people in different towns, cities, and states as well. Thus increasing your reach.

4) Product/Service Information

It’s always better to have an educated customer who knows what they want. With your website, you can highlight what is that you offer, what they can expect, their frequently asked questions, etc. Thus saying you a lot the time and resources into it.

5) New Customers

The biggest benefit I believe is new potential customers. Your website now becomes the first stage of your sales funnel, Via which you can get new leads you can place other things into place, and convert more clients. This also helps you to use the latest technologies to bring more traffic to your websites and thus gives you a better chance to convert customers.

From a business person’s point of view, the pros outway the cons. There are only two things that might stop you from starting your own business website.
1) You might think it is very costly. Well with the technologies and cheap hosting options it has become very cheap to own and maintain a business website. (Read this article to know about Free/Affordable Website building tools)
2) Technical Knowledge. With the advent of AI that too is a thing of the past. Now you just go to a website and enter your requirement and it will create and maintain your business website for a very nominal fee. (Read this article to know more in detail)

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